What is professional coaching?

We define professional coaching as:

Coaching is a powerful tool based on the deep respect for the ability and knowledge that exists within each individual. Coaching is a positive process that leads individual and companies to reach their personal and professional goals. A professional coach is fully trained and competent in all eleven core competencies acknowledged by ICF.

Coaching means:

  • Bringing out the best in each person
  • Unleashing the potential of each person
  • Getting the individuals to find their own momentum and rhythm
  • Getting the individual client to find their own self-generated solutions

  • Coaching process is based on:

  • Trust
  • Proximity
  • Direct communication
  • Partnerships between coach and the client
  • Significantly increasing efficiency and cost
  • Value for money
  • Fitness of and for purpose
  • Transformational

  • All our coaching is based on the following 11 international core competencies, as defined by the ICF:
    1. Meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards
    2. Establishing the coaching agreement
    3. Establishing trust and intimacy with the client
    4. Coaching presence
    5. Active listening
    6. Powerful questioning
    7. Direct Communication
    8. Creating awareness
    9. Designing actions
    10. Planning and goal-setting
    11. Managing progress and accountability


    Our clientele base will have leaders, executives, employees, customers, students, parents, professionals, family, friends and most importantly you as an individual.